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"The scenery is spectacular, with cliffs and mountains reaching the coast to create jagged and awe- inspiring landscapes and views."... there is more... a LOT more

Our little village of Kuta Lombok is the PERFECT HOMEBASE on your trip to Lombok. You will find everything you need right here: accommodations, shops, restaurants, bars, money changers, medical services, pharmacies, and much more. So get settled in Kuta and explore away!

Along the main roads in Kuta you will notice mostly tourism businesses such as restaurants, bars, accommodations, etc. Behind those businesses and in smaller roads a little more in the back are the LOCAL VILLAGES. Kuta consists of a number of tiny villages that house all the local people that make this town what it is. If you get a chance to visit or you can take a sneak peak, enjoy watching true Lombok village life.

As you may know, Lombok is a mostly MUSLIM island. This means you will hear the mosque prayers pretty much everywhere. Enjoy them, they are a beautiful part of the local culture. Local people here will welcome you with open arms and the only thing you need to do in return is BE RESPECTFUL towards their culture and their island, for example by dressing appropriately when walking or driving through Kuta and surrounding villages. Plenty of beaches and poolsides to wear your swimwear! ????


With many big supermarket chains appearing like mushrooms, don’t forget to make the effort to SHOP AT THE LOCAL SHOPS too! It can be your way of supporting the local economy and help Kuta people get ahead!

On Sundays and Wednesdays the MARKET place will be full of activity too. The perfect time to experience some village feel yet again! There will be some market activity every morning, but on Sundays and Wednesdays they go all the way!







You are visiting A DEVELOPING ISLAND, so of course you will see some things that might shock you:

  • kids selling bracelets all day and night

    they are mostly not from Kuta and are sent out by their families to make extra money. It’s illegal of course and although you may feel sorry for them, we advise you not to support this. They won’t get to keep the money anyway and if they are successful they will be sent out even more.

    Feel free to offer them some food or drinks instead.

  • rubbish everywhere

    There is no governmental plan for rubbish disposal here, which means that if you want your rubbish picked up you need to pay a private service quite a high fee monthly. Obviously most local people don’t have this kind of money and they also lack the education to understand what this rubbish is doing to the soil, animals and oceans. It is up to us all to educate, set a good example and support charities like South Lombok Community Association, who have a rubbish bin program that puts the green rubbish bins out there that you see all around.

  • stray dogs

    The dog population has gotten completely out of control with growing tourism and no governmental sterilization programs in place. There are no shelters here, but Kuta Lombok Dogs run a sterilization program that can always use support!

    visit www.kuta-lombokdogs.com and donate.

  • you will often pay the tourist price

    Don’t get too offended by this. It’s a way of locals protecting each other. If the difference is not too big, don’t make a big deal out of it. Obviously having traveled here, you must be a bit wealthier than most locals are and they know that too ????

This being said: just enjoy waking up in Kuta and coming HOME again after a fun day of exploring the surroundings!



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