August has been a strange month for everyone at SAME SAME. Normally this is one of the most buzzy months of the year… And this year it was even more buzzy, but in a totally different way.

SAME SAME and Kuta Lombok hasn’t been this empty for years !

Even though this was reality, the entire team of SAME SAME was still more buzzy then ever! Well actually everyone in South Lombok has had a month that we will probably never forget.

Our staff, Riam, Juni, Sairi, Sahnim, Gate, Edro en Andar have been watching over SAME SAME like it was their own place, and besides doing everything at SAME SAME | Bungalows, they also went above and beyond to work at SAME SAME | Hangout. At our second location, we are now finalizing the garden and I must say it looks amazing already !

Thank you guys !

Bart and Elfi have been very buzzy with all cancellation emails as we had over 90% of cancellations… you can imagine how we felt about this. But we have put those feelings aside and raised money so we could help out in the North. All together, we raised around 20 Juta.


Besides writing, talking and begging a lot, we also did a few trip up North with supplies. Providing villages with drinking water, clothes, rice, baby powder and all other basic needs. And we will keep on helping the people in the North until they all have a roof above their head again.

1st of September is a turning point….

Gili is open again for the public and most businesses have reopened and the islands looks beautiful as ever. Fast boats are picking up service and are ready to bring you to Gili and Lombok.

So now basically the only things we need is the confidence and trust of the people wanting to travel to Lombok and Gili. When we say we are ready to receive you and that Lombok is fine it is because we are…

The best way to support Lombok is by coming on a holiday, enjoy and make people help forget what happened.

Hope to see you in a few days/weeks !

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