Go to the Self Service Portal with the link provided OR Copy paste (or click) the link below and Fill in the required details.

After opening the Self Service Portal, you see below screen.
>>> Click on Guarantee your booking

You will see ONLY PayPal is available, however, PayPal can be used for: PayPal account but ALSO for DEBIT and CREDIT card.

>>> Tick PayPal and CLICK on Guarantee

You will be redirected to the website of PayPal, depending where you are the, language might be Indonesia or something else.
>>> Click on the DOWN arrow to change language

Now you can read and understand…
>>> For PayPal, just click Log In…

>>> For Debit or Credit Card, fill in the required details.

When you filled in all the details, at the bottom of the page you have the option to create or to not create and account.
>>> Choose what you prefer and the Click Continue.

After paying, you will receive a confirmation mail from us. This means your room is Guaranteed and Confirmed.

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