This post might be blunt, but it will give you a very good and HONEST view on the situation in Lombok.


We all know by now that Lombok was hit by several earthquakes. If not, on what planet have you been living for the past 30+ days?!

We have all seen the devastation, the horrible pictures, the chaos, the cries for help and a lot more negative and sensational things.

Yes, those things are excellent food for the human mind (link)

And the media likes to see us as gooses that are being prepared for Christmas dinner. (Foi Gras…)

They keep on repeating the same footage, and use pictures / video’s of earthquakes that happened in different countries decades ago while reporting the earthquakes here in Lombok….

So yes, you are excused for not knowing what to believe as like always the media doesn’t really care about much more then ratings and other stuff.

Without further a due… Here we go 🙂

Lombok is completely destroyed

There is a lot of damages in North and Central Lombok, but completely destroyed that is a bit harsh…
Most places that tourists actually visit, are still open… The South and South West areas are UNDAMAGED

Lombok needs help

Many people died and a lot of houses were damaged in the northern parts of Lombok, so A LOT of people are homeless now.
In the aftermath of the earthquake, many businesses in unaffected areas (South Lombok, South West Lombok,…) are struggling and an economic crisis will happen.

More earthquakes will happen in Lombok

Nobody knows when earthquake will happen, this is something that is UNPREDICTABLE
Lombok is in the ring of fire, so sure more earthquakes will happen, in 5 months, 3 weeks, 5 years… Nobody knows…

I should not travel to Lombok

If you were planning to visit Lombok, you should just come. Tourism is returning back to normal AND many tourist areas where not even affected…
If you weren’t planning to visit Lombok… What the hell are you waiting for?!




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