A recent meeting in the Rinjani National Park office was held to discuss the assessment results of Sembalun track (East Lombok), Senaru track (West Lombok) Aik Berik track (Central Lombok) & Timba Nuh track (east Lombok). The conclusion was that the Aik Berik track in Central Lombok regency will be reopened, as there are no landslide along the track compared with other tracks in East, North and West Lombok.

Meeting participants came from Rinjani trekking stakeholders such as West Nusa Tenggara province tourism board, North Lombok regency tourism board, East Lombok tourism board, Central Lombok tourism board, West Nusa Tenggara SAR office, Rinjani Lombok UNESCO Global Geopark Management board, Army & police representative, Trekking organizer board, Rinjani Care Community, Geological expert, Climate expert, etc.

In this forum all participants agreed with the decision of Rinjani National park board to reopen Aik Berik track in Central Lombok as the only one gate to entering Rinjani starting on 7th November until 31st December 2018 (unless rain season forces an earlier closure). The usual rain season closure will then follow, usually until April 1st.

The trekking program will only allowing you to reach the crater rim in a 2 days 1 night trek. You will not be allowed to go down to the crater lake campsite due to landslides in some spots caused by a series of earthquakes in July-August 2018.

Other tracks such as Sembalun, Senaru and Timba Nuh will reopen next year in 2019 after the tracks are repaired.

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  1. Bart G

    Due to raining season, Rinjani will be closed until April 2019…

  2. Jonas

    Is it already possible to go to Rinjani again? If yes, which tracks are open or will be opened in the next days? We are heading to Lombok beginning of next week.

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