We offer a variety of shuttle services and private car transports within Lombok and to neighboring destinations, making your travels easy and hassle free!

Public transportation isn’t very well arranged in Lombok and most of the time there aren’t even any options at all. This means that the transports we offer are shuttle buses or private cars. The shuttle services have fixed schedules, whereas booking a private car gives you the liberty to choose your own departure and arrival times.

If you’re not sure what options suit you best, just contact us and we’ll happily advise you!

The options we offer here are the most frequently booked transports. Of course it’s possible to request a pick up or drop off at another destination as well. Just contact us and we’ll gladly discuss the options with you!

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KUTA Lombok, being only 20 minutes from Lombok International Airport (LOP), it is the perfect town to visit first or last on your trip.

Private Car

  • Faster, no extra stop on the way
  • 24/7 available, you choose when you get picked up
  • Reliable, have regular transport, SAME SAME selected driver that are friendly and on time.
  • Driver will wait for you when you are delayed.


  • shuttle bus is ONLY from Kuta to the airport, not the other way around !
  • every day a shuttle bus is available, pickup is at 7.30 from SAME SAME(or your hotel)
  • when enough people, there is another shuttle bus at 9.30 in the morning, send us a message to check if this is available on you dates of travel

Quality and service

At SAME SAME quality and service go hand-in-hand. We go above and beyond to ensure these two hallmarks are met at every step of your journey.

save time and effort

book with us and just enjoy

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Sukarara Weaving Village

Weaved cloth is one of the traditional arts of Lombok island which has a special and distinct beauty. You can find it when you’re in Sukarara village and you will see traditional weaving tools, no machines.

Tiu Kelep and Sendang Gile

Located at the foothills of Mt. Rinjani near the village of Senaru. Boasting a height of 30m, Tiu Kelep is the tallest waterfall in Lombok.

Pantai Selong Belanak

Aside from surfing this white sandy beach with crystal blue water. Selong Belanak is also visited and adored by many travelers that are left breathless by its beauty.

Mawun Beach

Mawun Beach is a secluded half-moon bay with crystal clear water and pristine sand. There’s one big tree where people congregate in the shade.

Pantai Aan ( Tanjung Aan )

Tanjung Aan beach is a gorgeous stretched out white sandy beach with clear blue water! This beach provides an ample opportunity to get together and have fun with your friends or beloved family.